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Mon Apr 16 14:07:11 EDT 2001

Hi galib-ers,
I am using a non stationary penalty function for solving a constrained 
optimization problem.
I've implemented a steady state ga with, we say for example, 
Nevertheless, as the penalty function changes its value, the individuals 
survived from one generation to the subsequent have to be re-evaluated, 
while the "new" individuals does not need to be re-evaluated.
Now, my question is the following: is it enough to update the first 30% of 
the population after the ga-step is completed?
I think this is not right, because after the ga.step the individuals are 
re-ordered on the basis of objective functions that refers to two different 
This problem occurs whenever the objective function change with the 
generation index (from 0 to the maximum number of generations allowed).
Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

Best regards.


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