Galib 245 && VC++ 6.0

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Hi all,

Thanks for your letter Dr. G. Spagnuolo
I have read the website beforehand actually. But, the compiler gave 
me the different error related to directory searching.  I tried to put 
another compiler options /I "..\.." in project setting, and it works 
without error and warning.

I can link my own project to Galib245 using VC++ 6.0 now. And the 
next question here, how to develop dinamic link library and Windows
environment programming with Galib245.

Anybody has done it before, should be very appreciated for the help.



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Hi all,
thanks to the instructions I've found at the following web page

I've just compiled the library and ex1 with success.
I'am going to link the library to my programs, but I think (hope) that the 
problem is solved.
Thanks to Prof. Richard P. Simpson (the author of the mentioned web page).



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