compiling GAlib on sun OS 5.7

Talya, Shashishekara S (CRD) talya at
Wed Sep 13 09:43:34 EDT 2000


I am trying to compile galib using the make file.  I didn't make any changes in the makefile and it
gives me an error when it tries to compile in the /examples directory.  Here's the transcript of the
execution.  Pl. let me know if I need to change any variable.

Thanks in advance and hoping to hear from you soon.


cd ga; make
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c garandom.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c gaerror.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GAParameter.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GAStatistics.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GABaseGA.C
../ga/gaversion.h:12: warning: `char * rcsid' defined but not used
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GASStateGA.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GASimpleGA.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GAIncGA.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GADemeGA.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GADCrowdingGA.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GASelector.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GAScaling.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GAPopulation.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GAGenome.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GABinStr.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c gabincvt.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GAAllele.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GA1DBinStrGenome.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GA2DBinStrGenome.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GA3DBinStrGenome.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GABin2DecGenome.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GA1DArrayGenome.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GA2DArrayGenome.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GA3DArrayGenome.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GATreeBASE.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GATree.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GATreeGenome.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GAListBASE.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GAList.C
g++ -g -Wall -O -fexceptions -O0 -I.. -c GAListGenome.C
ar rv libga.a garandom.o gaerror.o GAParameter.o GAStatistics.o GABaseGA.o GASStateGA.o GASimpleGA.o
GAIncGA.o GADemeGA.o GADCrowdingGA.o GASelector.o GAScaling.o GAPopulation.o GAGenome.o GABinStr.o
gabincvt.o GAAllele.o GA1DBinStrGenome.o GA2DBinStrGenome.o GA3DBinStrGenome.o GABin2DecGenome.o
GA1DArrayGenome.o GA2DArrayGenome.o GA3DArrayGenome.o GATreeBASE.o GATree.o GATreeGenome.o
GAListBASE.o GAList.o GAListGenome.o
r - garandom.o
r - gaerror.o
r - GAParameter.o
r - GAStatistics.o
r - GABaseGA.o
r - GASStateGA.o
r - GASimpleGA.o
r - GAIncGA.o
r - GADemeGA.o
r - GADCrowdingGA.o
r - GASelector.o
r - GAScaling.o
r - GAPopulation.o
r - GAGenome.o
r - GABinStr.o
r - gabincvt.o
r - GAAllele.o
r - GA1DBinStrGenome.o
r - GA2DBinStrGenome.o
r - GA3DBinStrGenome.o
r - GABin2DecGenome.o
r - GA1DArrayGenome.o
r - GA2DArrayGenome.o
r - GA3DArrayGenome.o
r - GATreeBASE.o
r - GATree.o
r - GATreeGenome.o
r - GAListBASE.o
r - GAList.o
r - GAListGenome.o
ar: writing libga.a
libga.a is now up-to-date
cd examples; make
make: Fatal error in reader: makefile, line 31: Extra `:', `::', or `:=' on dependency line

*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `all'

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