Possible bug in ga installation

Zhenning Hu zhenning at megalon.wustl.edu
Fri Sep 1 15:07:49 EDT 2000


I am a graduate student in Washington University in St, Louis. I am
learning you ga for my research.

GA version 	2.45
machine		SGI
OS version	IRIX Release 6.5 IP22
Bug		It is not ga itself, but in your ga installation makefile.
		When you unzip down loading file, it is in galib245/ga/
		makefile's "install". In my machine, I have to add a line
		$(MKDIR) $(LIB_DEST_DIR) between $(LIB) and
		$(INSTALL) $(LIB) $(LIB_DEST_DIR). Then the installation
		is successful.

Zhenning Hu

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