about convert binary strings to decimal values

shijun zhang shijunzh at 263.net
Mon Oct 9 23:26:09 EDT 2000

Hello! If I use GABin2DecGenome and GABin2DecPhenotype to convert binary strings to decimal values,there are no problem!
But when I want use GA2DBinaryStringGenome class to evolve and the work of converting binary to decimal finished in object 
function, the result is incorrect!
my object function is as the fellow:
y = 100*(x1^2 - x2)^2+(1-x1)^2    with the constraint:-2.048<x1<2.048,-2.048<x2<2.048
the constructor is: 
GA2DBinaryStringGenome genome(10,2, Objective);

my object function is as the follow:
float  Objective(GAGenome& g) {
  GA2DBinaryStringGenome & genome = (GA2DBinaryStringGenome &)g;
  float amin=-2.048,amax=2.048;
  float score=0.0;
  float temp[2],x[2];
  int width=10,height=2;
  for (int i=0;i<height;i++){
	for (int j=0;j<width;j++)
  return score;
 My work enviroment is Visualstdio 6.0 in win2000.
I need your help!
                  your sincerely!
                  Shijun Zhang 
                  shijunzh at sina.com

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