Daniel Tourde ted at
Wed Mar 29 06:54:24 EST 2000

Hello !

I have a very simple request that might even sound stupid.... I am a
newbye with GAlib. As a newbye, I am willing to read first the
documentation about GAlib before doing anything else. I have downloaded
the pdf file (I don't like to print HTML documemtations) without problem
and I can read it with Ghostview or similar program but I would like to
print the manual (I'm an old-fashion guy, I need to feel the paper and
to write my own notes on it....)

Now, the real stuff...... I am living in Europe. We use the A4 paper
format, not the american letter format.... Ghostview allows me to switch
from one to the other but I'm afraid of losing informations in the
process (bottom lines, end of lines, pagination or who knows........).
Could it be possible to put on the ftp server two versions of the
documentation, one in the american letter format and one in the European
A4 format ?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Best regards

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