Galib 2.4.5?

Anthony Liekens mooby at
Wed Mar 1 05:15:02 EST 2000

On the web site, a version named 2.4.5 is promoted, but I cannot find it
anywhere on the ftp site - what's happening there?

I've been using GALib for quite some time now, and I wonder whether any
future evolution of the GALib is planned. I saw that there are still a
couple of interesting add-ons possible in the wish-list (such as the
save/restore option for restarting runs) so we were wondering what will be
in future versions.

Maybe (probably) the maintainer does not have the time to keep on coding
on the libraries, maybe some of us (users of GALib) might have some time
left to kewep on hacking that awesome library!


Anthony Liekens
liekens at
mooby at

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