from Anna Rudiakova

Anna N. Rudiakova anna at
Tue Jan 11 18:33:45 EST 2000


I'm the Ph.D. student from the Radiophysics Dept. of Donetsk State
University, Donetsk, Ukraine. In my research, I primarily deal with computer
modeling of UHF power amplifiers with high efficiency. Of course, it request
the using of good optimization routine. Till now, I have used the simplex
Nelder-Mead optimization routine (that I have realized by C++). For the set
of <=10 variables it was good and rapid. But it is need for me now to do
optimization on about 20 (may be, little more) variables. Recently I have
heard about Genetic Algorithm. Than I have found your site, and downloaded
the GALib :) It's a my history :)
Thanks, you have written a good help. But, sorry, I have a some problems: I
didn't understand, how may I get a needed precision (about 3 number after
point, for example). The "pConvergence" and "nConvergence" are not given
this (or, may be, I didn't understand, how I must use it).
Could you advise me, if it will not be difficult for you.

With best wishes,

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