MultiObjective Genetic Algorithm

Wu Ruoyun MRYWu at
Mon Feb 28 20:18:35 EST 2000


Nice to know that you are improving the GAlib to cope with multiple
objective functions. I don't know the paper you mentioned, but I agree with
Joe Dumoulin's suggestion of incorporating the mutiple objectives into the
representation.  Fuzzy logic might be used to get a single fitness score
from multiple sub fitness scores. Furthermore, fuzzy logic is also something
that simulates biological rules.

Wu Ruoyun

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Subject: MultiObjective Genetic Algorithm


I'm implementing the method described by Fonseca and Fleming in their
"Genetic Algorithm for Multiobjective Optimization: Formulation,
Discussion and Generalization"

I think I have to make some changes to GAlib for handling Multiobjective
Optimization Problems,
but I think it is a lot of work. First fo all, I should add a virtual
member function MOGAevaluates into the GAGenome class with its implicit

Do you have any suggestion? 
Has it been done?


Juan Andres Colmenares
University of Zulia
Institute of Applied Calculus

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