Help with GAlib and VC++ 6.0

Ignacio Castillo icastillo at
Sat Feb 12 18:53:48 EST 2000

Dear List,

I recently downloaded GAlib and will use it with VC++ 6.0 (By the way, I 
am new to GAs and to C programming).

So far I managed to compile 'galib.lib' and one of the examples that comes
with the tool.

When I try to create my own project (Win 32 Console Application), however,
I am not able to compile at all.  The 'External Dependendies' folder never
appears in the Workspace window.

I would like to know how this issue can be resolved.  Please let me know.

Also, I would appreciate it if someone can provide me with a simple
example of the use of GA1DArrayGenome.

Thank you.


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