P. COLLET collet at cheverny.u-bourgogne.fr
Fri Feb 4 13:30:48 EST 2000

> Dear Colleagues!
> Thank You for GALib package!

Well, thank you for being our first external user ! (the package was
released last week).

> But really we have some problems..
> For creating of GA applications we're using for Borland C++ 5.02
> Compiler
> Before we started to compile an example file that is included in your
> GALib package (to test for correct work) 
> we had written Ga folder (one contains precompiled header files) to
> Include directory 
> but anyway there were next errors:
> - - (for example) Unresolved external 'GAGenome::copy(constn GAGenome&)'
> referenced from c:\<path>\example.obj
> - - must use C++ for the type iostream 
> tell us please 
> - -how GALib libraries can be used properly to Borland C++ compilers?
> - -what kind of compiler You used to test Your own GA programs and for
> writing GALib package itself?

Apparently, you are having problems with the GALib library. I have never
tried the BORLAND C++ 5.02, so I do not know how to solve them.

I personally use Microsoft's VISUAL C++ v5.0 compiler.
Matthew WALL <mwall at domesolutions.com> wrote the GALib software and runs a
mailing list to which I sent a carbon copy of this mail.
To subscribe, send email to <galib-announce-request> or <galib-request> with
the word 'subscribe' in the subject field and nothing in the body of the

> summary: what we must to do for achiving of best results using Your
> product?    
> In Advance Thank You much!
> Best regards,
> Nikolay Makarenko

First of all, make sure you can compile and run one of the GALIB examples
in the examples directory.

Then, the onemax.cpp file generated by EASEA v0.3 should compile correctly.
Please, contact me again if you have problems at this stage.


Pierre.Collet at inria.fr

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