Associate a given vector with each array in the population?

Daniel RSDA at
Thu Dec 14 12:30:06 EST 2000


When I look at the documentation, it seems that I can use user 
data to specify my own data structure. However, I would like to 
associate a vector (1Dimension array) to each 2 dimension array of 
integers that is created in a population. This should speed up my 
calculations in my fitness function.

2D array
m_theGenome = new GA2DArrayGenome<int>(maxx,maxy, Fit);
vector that should be associated with the above 2D array:
array tab[maxx+maxy];
where array is a simple data structure :
typedef struct{ int r, int c;} array;

The vector should be initialised in the Initialiser function at the 
same time as the population is created (so it should really be 

Is there anyone who can help with a solution?


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