Difference of GABin2DecGenome and GA1DArrayAlleleGenome

Zhenning Hu zhenning at megalon.wustl.edu
Tue Aug 29 15:31:44 EDT 2000


I am a graduate student in Washington University in St. Louis, working
with Dr. Mark Jakiela. I download your galib245 (unix) and now learning GA
libraries through your provided 27 examples.

I am reading your example 19 (This example runs all of DeJone functions.)
You define different GABin2Decphonetype as variables (x) for each DeJone
functions. Good idea. After reading these, my intuition told me
GAAlleleArray should also work to represent variable x. Specificall
		GABin2DecPhenotype	GABin2DecGenome
		GAAlleleSetArray	GA1DArrayAlleleGenome
both idea should be ok to repesent functions, don't they?

I guess my real question is what is the different of GABin2DecGenome and
GA1DArrayAlleleGenome? Literally speaking and also from GAlib description,
GABin2DecGEnome does nothing but transform from binary to decimal. Now it
seems this genome can do much more than that. At least it can represent
a range of numbers, which is same to GAAlleleSet's bounded and
discretization type. So doesn't those two genomes have the same

Thanks for your hint.

Johnny Hu

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