GAlib and neural networks

Michael Z Katz-Hyman m.z.katz-hyman at
Wed Aug 9 08:42:48 EDT 2000

I just recently integrated GAs into NNs for use with polymer physics.
Right now the GA is used to itialize the weights using the M.S.E. as the
objectuve function.  It works quite well, many times the backpropagation
algo. doesn't even have to be run, I can under 1% error on some things
like XOR by just running 50 populations over 500 generations (or something

One problem I have with Galib is that the matrix implementations are
static, meaning that if you do a 3D matrix let's say to represent the
weight matrices, and if your first weight matrix and second weight matrix
are different sizes then your have some "extra" space in the
representation.  Right now we are running a two (weight) layer matrix with
it being represented in the GA by one matrix whose number of columns equal
the number of hidden nodes and the first n rows belong to the first weight
matrix and the next m rows belong to the second matrix, this has worked
well so far.

As for geometry, we haven't tried that yet but it  is planned.

As for software, we just wrote our own basing it off a matrix class

Hope this helps.


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On Wed, 9 Aug 2000, Bram Stolk wrote:

> Hello,
> Has someone on this list tried using GAlib on neural networks?
> What I had in mind was, using the NN weights as the genome.
> And to determine the fitness of a NN, simply have the NN do
> some conventional NN-learning, and then testing the NN's fault-rate.
> A more advanced aproach would also encode the geometry of the
> NN (nr of neurons and the connections) in the genome.
> I am looking for NN software that has a similar ease of use
> as GAlib, comes as C++ source, and interfaces nicely with GA.
> Any suggestions?
> Many thanks,
>    Bram Stolk
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