Problem with GA for real variabls

To Thanh Binh tob at
Fri May 14 08:27:28 EDT 1999

Dear Sirs,

I downloaded your GALib and tried to use it for solving a very easy minimization problems, but I did not get a good result.
     min y = x1^2+x2^2+x3^2+x4^2+x5^2;
where -5 < x1 < 10
	-10 < x2 < 5
	-20 <x3 <5
	-1 <x4<1
	-15 < x5 < 33

I really do now if something are not correct in my programm or GALib is very weak for opt with real variables.
I include here also my program.

Thanks you for your support.

Best regards

Dr. To Thanh Binh    
Institute of Automation and Communication
Steinfeldstr. 3, 39179 Barleben, Germany
E-mail: tob at
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