Allele and random initial population

Fajian Shi shifj at
Thu Jul 22 21:11:58 EDT 1999


I am asking for help for two related problems:

First, I want to generate random initial populations. So I use 
AlleleSetArray with a range [a,b] and hope to get random values within the
range. But I only get value equal to a. Here is the program.

    GAAlleleSetArray<float> posAlleleSet;

    LEEDGenome genome(posAlleleSet,Objective);

Here LEEDGenome is a defined genome by myself, which is not very different
from GAGenome. I don't know why I got all -2.0's and 0.0's. 

Second, I try to run the exemple file ex21 which include  5 different
test on Allele. The first one is finished very soon. But the second one 
seems to enter a dead loop without any output in 30 minutes. 

By the way, all programs are run in Cray machine. 

Fajian Shi
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Berkeley, CA 94720 

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