bug report

Roger Eriksson roger.eriksson at ida.his.se
Thu Feb 11 05:27:44 EST 1999

Hi, I am using galib ver 2.4.3 and I cannot get GAAlleleSetArray to work
I noticed that when I changed from the following representation:

  GARealAlleleSet alleleset(-10.0, 10.0);
  GARealGenome genome(9, alleleset, evaluation);

to the following representation:

  GARealAlleleSetArray alleleSets;
  for (int i=0; i<9; i++)
  GARealGenome genome(alleleSets, evaluation);

the GA sometimes failed completely to find better solutions while in the
former case it always succeded in finding near optimum solutions. I
would very much appreciate your input on this matter.

Best regards,
Roger Eriksson, University of Skovde, Sweden.

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