Building GALib under CodeWarrior 5.0

Jonathan Fisher jonathan at
Wed Dec 1 22:52:51 EST 1999

When I try to build the galib library under CodeWarrior 5.0/IDE 4.0, I
get numerous error messages like the following:

Error   : declaration syntax error
GAAllele.h line 144   friend operator==(const GAAlleleSet<T> &, const
GAAlleleSet<T> &);

When I investigate, I find out that the offending lines are contained
within #ifdefs  that start this way:

#if defined(THINK_C) || __powerc

I assume that I don't want THINK_C to be defined, I just want MWERKS to
be defined; but I can't find out where THINK_C is defined.  Can someone
tell where to THINK_C is defined?


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