GA within GA

Mineo Morohashi moro at
Fri Apr 9 08:13:13 EDT 1999


Is it possible to declare and run another GA within an objective
function, such as:


float objective(GAGenome& g)
  struct someData data;
  GARealAlleleSetArray map;

  GARealGenome* hoge = new GARealGenome(map,within_objective,data);
  GASimpleGA* hihi = new GASimpleGA((GARealGenome&)*hoge);




  return XXX;

float within_objective(GAGenome& g)


In my case, it's unlikely to work correctly. What happens is the
program suddenly stops just after 'hihi->evolve()' function in case of
above program style. Since the program doesn't printout any warning or
error message, I cannot figure out what has happened.

If there is anybody who knows something related to this problem, would 
you let me know?

Thank you and best regards,
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