memory leaks: false alarm

Matthew Wall mbwall_NO_SPAM at
Fri Nov 20 10:01:30 EST 1998

>Hi Matthew,
>I just hope you didn't waste any time on my source code yet, because the
>fault seems to be entirely mine. In function "void pi(...)" I made some
>rather stupid mistakes with the operator "new". However, I doubt that I
>would have found them without your hint to pare down the code. In Germany we
>say "Er sieht den Wald vor lauter Baeumen nicht" in a case like that. I'm
>sure there is a similar expression in English.

auf englisch sagt man:  "i could not see the forest for the trees"

thank you for the notice.  now i can do something other than stare at the
computer this weekend :)


Matthew Wall
mbwall_NO_SPAM at

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