OK, I'm new, alone, and scared

Schott, Wayne W (MED) Wayne.Schott at amermsx.med.ge.com
Fri May 22 19:26:12 EDT 1998

Yes I have done my reading, but I am having difficulties getting off of
the ground.
Has anyone compiled the galib in MS Visual C++ 5.0?  Could you point me
in the right direction?
Does it work in the windows environment or must I live in console

Do I want a .DLL or a .LIB file?   What kind of project do you build it
in?   Win32 Dynamic link?
Win 32 Static Link?  What files do you include to kick it off?  Do the
examples require a compiled library?
How does it get linked?  

Yes, I quieted the warnings, and dropped a few files that shouldn't be
precompiled and got a DLL.
Still the examples give me a dozen linker 2001 errors.

I'm sorry, I'm sure everyone would prefer to talk about loftier
subjects, and I will, if I could just play a while...

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