Crossover functions

Anna Marino am97r at
Wed Aug 26 10:18:36 EDT 1998

Dear Sir,

I am using GAlib2.4.2 to do some experiments using GA.
As I am having some troubles I would like to know if it
is actually possible to set a personalized Crossover function
for a GA1DArrayGenome.
I set my own Initializer and Mutator and they work fine but
the GA never access my Crossover function performing a different
Unfortunately the standard ones are not suitable for the meaning
of my genes, therefore I wonder if the only chance I have is
to customize my genome class.

Best regards,
Anna Marino.


   Anna Marino - PhD student
   Image, Speech and Intelligent Systems (ISIS) Research Group
   Department of Electronics and Computer Science
   University of Southampton, Highfield
   Southampton S017 1BJ ENGLAND 

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