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H. Brown Cribbs cribbs at
Tue Nov 4 12:55:51 EST 1997

Hello GALib Users:
   I was wondering what experience others had had using the Galib
   classes within other classes.  I have a fairly complex system
   I'm designing for some reinforcement learning research and I've
   reached programming dilemma.
   My problem entails evolving a individuals who have to be encoded
   and decoded at each generation to go out into its environment for
   evaluation.  This means that I have written a "fake" evaluator
   that simple reads data from each individual's evalData member.
   This worked fine in my test problem that did not entail encapsulating
   the ga within another class.  As soon as I did that I ran into the 
   problems with setting my evaluator and initializer due to the pointer
   to a function now being required to be a pointer into a member function.
   The only work around I've thought of is to include a pointer to the 
   objects I need to encode/evaluate and define unique default initializer
   and evaluators.  I would do such a thing in a derived class of the 
   GALib's GASteadyStateGA.  Does this seem a "clean" solution? Or is it
   a kludge?
   Your opinions would be greatly appreciated as to what my options are,
   and thanks in advance,
   Brown Cribbs
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