J. Michael Johnson johnson at
Tue May 27 20:34:55 EDT 1997

I'm using GaLib 2.4.2 for Electromagnetic optimization problems and like
it very much.  It's much more complete and flexible than my home grown GA
program written in C.  I do have a couple of questions that someone out
there might be able to answer.

1)  How do I use the GAGrayDecode function in a GABin2DecGenome similar
to that used in ex9.C?  A code sample would be most helpful.

2) I'm having no luck getting GaLib to compile on HP-UX 10.20 with aCC.
Anyone out there done this with any success?

3) I've noticed that my runtime size grows as the GA evolution progresses.
This severely limits the size of my populations and/or the number of
generations I can use.  Is this the way it works?  Is there something
other than radical surgery on the GaLib that will make this stop?  Again
refer to ex9.C as a case in point. (although ex9.C doesn't seem to grow)

Thanks in advance

Mike Johnson

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