Problems with GAlib under new Linux configuration

Georg Schoch schoch at
Tue Feb 18 11:22:26 EST 1997

Hi all,

I've been working with GAlib under Linux for several months
now without any serious problems. But now I've encountered
some difficulties:

Our system was updated to Linux 2.0.0 together with the new
GNU compiler ( and the corresponding libraries
(especially I recompiled my programs under
this environment and now they are crashing all the time. gdb
says that the errors occur in malloc() and __libc_free()
so I suppose the new libc library has got a bug...
I know this is not exactly a GAlib question, but has
anybody made similar experiences and is there a way
to solve the problem?

Thanks, Georg

Georg Schoch
Lehrstuhl Informatik V, Universitaet Mannheim
B6, 26 / 68131 Mannheim
E-Mail:	schoch at

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