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state of the art computer, doesn't have to be expensive. You can have a
NEW, powerful, Intel Pentium computer directly FROM US, built with ALL
quality components at the lowest possible prices in years. Unbelievable,
but true!

      Imagine, $1247 for a 233 MHz MMX Pentium Computer with MMX 
Technology! The perfect computer for home, school or business use.
But buckle up, because this computer absolutely flies! It features an Intel 
Pentium processor matched with the latest "TX" Intel chipset motherboard
for performance that is nothing short of spectacular.

        Please note this computer is absolutely BRAND NEW (Not refurbished) 
and they feature Intel PENTIUM processors EXCLUSIVELY (Not cheap
substitutes like AMD or Cyrix).

        Our Computers have MORE memory, MORE power, and MORE speed
for your money. They come LOADED with:

        * 20 Speed Cd-Rom
        * 33.6 Fax/Modem for fast internet access
        * a large, fast 2.1 GB Hard drive
        * 16 MB of RAM
        * 512 KB Pipeline Burst cache
        * Top quality motherboard with Intel TX chipset (very important)       
        * 64 Bit MPEG video with 2 MB RAM
        * 3D Sound with 80 Watt speakers
        * 104 Key Windows 95 Keyboard and Mouse
        * Windows 95 CD Installed
        Want 32 MB RAM for intense demanding jobs? Add $49.
        Need a larger hard drive? Upgrade to a 4.3 GB for only $49
        Want a 24 Speed CD-Rom?  Add $25
        Upgrade to a 56K Fax/Modem for only $25
        Add Iomega 100MB Zip Drive for only $97

        A LOW PRICE without quality doesn't mean much!!! Does it? That's
why we design and manufacture our computers to LAST well into the
next century. We don't skimp on anything. We build our Computers for
you CAREFULLY, one at a time (a far cry from the assembly line mentality 
of: slap it together and hope it works). We TEST each and every computer
for at least 72 hours, so they work FLAWLESSLY right out of the box.

        No large company can afford to do that. Nor are they willing to!
Consider a reader's survey by PC World Magazine in the June '97 issue. 
They found MORE THAN HALF of their readers experienced PROBLEMS with 
BRAND NAME computers they recently bought. They titled the article, 
"When Bad PCs Happen to Good People." The conclusion is obvious: dealing 
with a large company doesn't assure you of getting a dependable computer.

        You are not just a number to us. The technician who builds your
computer, custom configures it exactly how you want it - just right for
you. He even knows your name since it gets programmed into the computer
when he optimizes it for speed and performance. And you'll know his name
too, because he signs his name to your computer. This guarantees it has
been built to the best of his ability and ready for your computing
pleasure. There is nothing for you to do except plug it in and turn it
on. That's all!  Remember, our computers work FLAWLESSLY right out of the box.

P.S. SPECIAL BONUS IF YOU ORDER NOW! BRAND NEW 15" MONITOR FOR ONLY $197         OR A 17" MONITER FOR ONLY $397, your choice with the purchase of any Computer. 

          We selected these amazingly sharp and clear .28 SVGA monitors as the perfect 
         match for your new Computer. They have a full three year warranty.

Let us build the best for you - for less. 
Call Computer Physician, Inc. TODAY for details    at (215) 836 - 0293  
Business hours are 7AM - 10PM EST 7 Days a Week

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