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H. Brown Cribbs, III cribbs at
Wed Aug 20 18:14:10 EDT 1997

GALib Users:
   I am attempting to use the GA Lib as part of a bigger system.
In order to properly evaluate each genome and decode its solution
I need to include an information object for each individual.

At first I was using userData(), which works, but I really
would like the information on a individual-by-individual basis.
This stems from my decode being fairly complex and I need to 
save some information during step() for each individual. 

This would seem to imply use of evalData(), but I have not been able 
to get anything to work with this feature of GALib 2.4.2. I was 
wondering if any of you had an example, where evalData was used 
(especially if its with a GA1DBinaryStringGenome).  My information 
class is actually pretty simple, but necessary none-the-less.

For now I'm contemplating deriving an object from GA1DBinaryStringGenome
and adding the appropriate methods, but I'd REALLY like to avoid this.

Any suggestions are gratefully accepted and appreciated,


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