[config-package-dev] config-package-dev doesn't like 'set -o pipefail'?

Patrick Schleizer adrelanos at riseup.net
Thu May 28 12:26:06 EDT 2015


I isolated an issue. When setting 'set -o pipefail' in the postinst
script, the 'undisplace' action is no longer working.

In function 'check_undisplace_unlink' the following code doesn't match.

    if LC_ALL=C dpkg-divert --list "$package" | \
	grep -xFq "diversion of $file to $theirfile by $package"; then
	undisplace_unlink "$prefix" "$suffix"

i.e. 'undisplace_unlink' is never called.

Does this sound plausible to you or should I provide further information
on how to reproduce this?

Is this something you would consider a bug, worth fixing or is your
answer "just don't use pipefail"?


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