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Jessica Giang jgiang at mit.edu
Mon Apr 25 17:52:14 EDT 2022

Dear Student Group Leaders,

Please read the following announcements carefully:

  *   GBM Makeups

  *   New ASA Board

  *   ASA Spring GBM Minutes


GBM Makeups

If you were not in attendance at the ASA Spring GBM, you must complete this quiz using the minutes and slides to receive credit for your group. If you fail to do this, your group will be fined $25 by the ASA. A link to the quiz is here: <https://cglink.me/2cy/s189>. The deadline to complete this quiz is midnight on Monday, May 2.

New ASA Board

A new ASA Board has been elected! The new officers are as follows:

  *   President: Alex Bookbinder

  *   Treasurer: Vincent Zu

  *   Secretary: Jessica Giang

  *   Groups Chair: Eva Goldie

  *   Space Chair: Diana Shklover

If you are interested in joining the ASA Exec Board, please email us at asa-exec at mit.edu<mailto:asa-exec at mit.edu>. We would love to have you, and have plenty of open positions for you to make an impact and have your voice heard!


ASA Spring GBM Minutes

Please find minutes from the Spring GBM here: <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XmTeqlZsSXiPuZGJJ5sJlY7LpdRK0Tt4-hSMz5Q_00I/edit?usp=sharing>.

Slides can be found here: <https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1QcY_aBFS9iPWRdy8bKn8OSXoAKpKHaDdrg8m_LptViQ/edit?usp=sharing>


Please feel free to email <asa-exec at mit.edu> with any requests, questions, or other inquiries. For private complaints, please email <asa-complaints at mit.edu<mailto:asa-complaints at mit.edu>>.


The ASA Executive Board

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