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Thu Sep 3 18:00:40 EDT 2020

Dear Student Group Leaders,

Please take note of the following announcements:

-> ASA Space reallocation postponed
-> Applications are OPEN for new groups and funding status changes

-> Required student leadership summit

-> Admissions survey

-> Space access request form


ASA Space Reallocation Postponed

ASA does a biennial space reallocation cycle; we were supposed to do one this year as well, but given the current situation, we have decided to postpone it until Fall 2021 (subject to change). If you absolutely need ASA storage space for this academic year, email us at asa-space at mit.edu<mailto:asa-space at mit.edu>.


Applications are OPEN for new groups and funding status changes

ASA is currently accepting applications for new student groups and changes in funding status for existing groups. The deadline for submission is September 30th, 2020 at 11:59 PM EDT. The application can be found here: <https://asa.mit.edu/start-group/new-group-application>. You may need to log into Engage first before accessing the form if you receive an error.

Please note that applications will not be reviewed until a couple of weeks into the semester, so there is no rush to get an application in. You may want to familiarize yourself with the group application process (http://asa.mit.edu/start-group) and guidelines on what privileges ASA groups receive (https://asa.mit.edu/group-privileges). Feel free to email asa-groups at mit.edu with any further questions.

Form link: https://engage.mit.edu/submitter/form/start/439384


Required Student Leadership Summit

The following is a message from the Student Organization Leadership Committee. Any questions about the summit or registration should be directed to <studentleadership at mit.edu<mailto:studentleadership at mit.edu>>, not the ASA.

The Student Officer Leadership Summit, a required program for all student organizations, will provide necessary tools to help make student organizations at MIT more successful through a range of immersive trainings, as well an opportunity to learn how to navigate the current COVID landscape. Based on your feedback from last year, the 2020 Summit will no longer be a one-day program – but will be split up over a few weeks, allowing student leaders to have more flexibility within their schedule. The first kickoff meeting and networking session will be taking place on Thursday, September 17th at 8:00PM EST, with the sessions running from Monday September 21st until mid-October.

You can find details about the summit sessions and format on their website: <https://studentlife.mit.edu/sole/leadership-summit-2020>.

Each organization is required to send a presidential-level member – or an executive board proxy to these sessions. Failure to attend may impact your organization’s ability to have events approved of by SOLE and MIT. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email <studentleadership at mit.edu<mailto:studentleadership at mit.edu>>.


Admissions Survey

The survey to assess student group needs in the upcoming semester announced in August is still under development. If your group is already considering or implementing virtual events or activities, the upcoming survey will ask about what those events look like and what challenges groups are facing in making them happen. A blogger from MIT admissions is also interested in sharing with admitted students what creative and innovative ways student groups have been staying active in this virtual world. If you are interested in sharing what your group has adjusted to being virtual or what virtual events you have held/are planning to hold, you can fill out this form: <https://forms.gle/QBUu5tZv5nfxW18a8>.


Space access request form

A form exists for student groups to request access to their storage or office space for any necessary reasons. Student organization offices may not be used for meetings, events, or other in-person programming. However, student groups may be able to temporarily access their spaces by request to pick up specific items necessary for their operations. Items may not be returned and new items may not be stored in the club rooms in order to address concerns around contamination.

The form can be found after logging into <engage.mit.edu> under the “Forms” tab, titled “Access to Student Organization Office/Storage”, or by first logging into Engage and then access bit.ly/orgroomaccess. Please email <sole at mit.edu> with any questions or concerns about the process.


Feel free to email <asa-exec at mit.edu> with any questions!

Best regards,

The ASA Executive Board


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