[ASA-Official] [ASA OFFICIAL] New Space Assignments and Student Group Moving Logistics

Daniel B Sheen dsheen at mit.edu
Thu Jan 31 21:01:20 EST 2019

Dear Student group leaders,

Space assignments for the coming year are finalized and can be found here.<https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14lxXYUUSnk3K5B-9WlHqRA4mcDjUvtdL5rVIzH_6t_E/edit?usp=sharing> Please review them as soon as possible and let us know if there are any serious issues.

Part of why we've been so delayed in coming out with these is because we have been trying to ensure that group moves can be completed in an orderly fashion. The plan is for all group moves to take place on several subsequent weekends over February in an order determined by the dependencies noted in the spreadsheet. The schedule for some isolated moves can be flexible if needed, the timing for moves that impact other groups is not.

Groups that will no longer be receiving space are required to move out by Sunday, February 10th. Subsequent moves will occur over the following two weekends. Groups that are expected to move out (or groups inheriting property from related derecognized groups) will receive direct emails tonight detailing what needs to happen. Groups that will be among the first wave to move to new spaces will be contacted by this Saturday night (so you'll have almost two weeks to plan for the move).

Locker moves will happen in two phases. Groups no longer receiving locker space should plan on moving out on or before Sunday, February 10th, after which groups receiving new locker assignments will be allowed to move in.

Again, please review space assignments here<https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14lxXYUUSnk3K5B-9WlHqRA4mcDjUvtdL5rVIzH_6t_E/edit?usp=sharing> and contact asa-space at mit.edu<mailto:asa-space at mit.edu> ASAP if there is a problem that needs to be resolved. Our ability to accommodate changes at this point is extremely limited, but we'll do our best to find a solution.

Best Regards,

Daniel Sheen
MIT Association for Student Activities

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