[ASA-Official] [ASA-OFFICIAL] Required Attendance: GBM and Elections, LEF-ARCADE Guidelines and Winter Cycle, Out of Cycle Space, CAC: Opening Reservation Books

Nichole I. Clarke niclarke at mit.edu
Thu Nov 17 16:58:18 EST 2016

Dear Student Group Leaders,

Please take note of the following announcements:

(1) Required Attendance: General Body Meeting (11/30/16)

(2) LEF/ARCADE Revised Guidelines and Upcoming Winter Cycle Deadline

(3) Final Space Allocation Updates

(4) CAC: Opening the Reservation Books (11/28/16)


(1) Required Attendance: General Body Meeting (11/30/16)

This is an announcement that the spring General Body Meeting will be held
on Wednesday, November 30 at 5pm in location 34-101. Dinner will be
provided after the meeting; please arrive early so we may start on time.
Every student group is required to send a representative, with the
exception of individual FSILGs and club sports; those groups’ governance
groups must still attend. Groups that do not send a representative will
incur a $50 fine, and may be suspended or de-recognized if the group has
repeatedly missed GBMs.

Any member may check in for a group, and a member may check in for more
than one group. However, only students listed as president, treasurer,
group admin, or GBM proxy in the group's ASA Database entry may exercise
the group's vote. Furthermore, nobody may exercise the vote of more than
one group, and each group has only one vote even if they send multiple

All GBM proxies from previous GBMs have been cleared, so if you would like
someone other than your President, Treasurer, or Group Admin to vote, you
must re-designate them in the Database.

The tentative agenda is:

1. Updates from the Board

2. Out of Cycle Space Information

3. Elections for GMAL, UMALs, SMAL (in that order)

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at <asa-exec at mit.edu


(2) LEF/ARCADE Revised Guidelines and Upcoming Winter Cycle Deadline

The LEF/ARCADE guidelines have been updated as of 11/16/16. They can be
found at <web.mit.edu/asa/resources/fund-descriptions.html>, while the
previous guidelines can be found at <
web.mit.edu/asa/resources/fund-descriptions-2016.html>. Notable revisions


   Itemized receipts/invoices for all expenses are required with post-event
   reports. If these are not included, a reimbursement will not be issued.

   One month following an event, if the post-event report with all invoices
   was not submitted, a penalty of 5% of the allocation will be revoked from
   the reimbursement. Every 14 days following, an additional 5% from the
   initial allocation will be revoked. Should there be any extenuating
   circumstances preventing submission of a post-event report, contact
   asa-treasurer at mit.edu before the 1 month deadline.

Additionally, the deadline for LEF/ARCADE applications for the FY17 Winter
Cycle is 12/2/16. Please note that this is earlier in December than
previous winter cycle deadlines.

Please feel free to email <lef-arcade-board at mit.edu> with any requests,
questions, or other inquiries.


(3) Final Space Allocation Updates

We will be closing the chapter on space allocations by the end of this
semester. Please make sure to review the allocations here
and let us know ASAP if your group has any issues moving in or out of
spaces by sending an email to asa-space at mit.edu.

Lastly, we will also be having out of cycle allocations. For any group that
would like office or locker space, and does not currently have an assigned
space, please express your interest in space here
<https://goo.gl/forms/vz8wTKsNRcWleCG13> (due 11/30/16). We will be
deciding how to do allocations based on the amount of student interest and
the availability of spaces.


(4) CAC: Opening the Reservation Books (11/28/16)

A message from CAC:

CAC will be opening the reservation books for event bookings on Monday,
November 28 at 9 am for the following academic year (September 6, 2017 –
May 26, 2018).

Spaces include:


   Kresge Auditorium

   Stratton Student Center

   Walker Memorial

   Wong Auditorium
   Ting Foyer

   MIT Chapel

   Religious Activities Center

   Memorial Lobby

   Lobby 13

   CAC Outdoor Spaces

Please review the following link thoroughly for further information and
specific instructions: http://studentlife.mit.edu/cac/resources-forms


Please feel free to email <asa-exec at mit.edu> with any requests, questions,
or other inquiries.


The ASA Executive Board

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