[ASA-Official] Reminder: General Body Meeting Wednesday; Bulletin Board Application Live

Ben Kraft benkraft at mit.edu
Mon Nov 3 23:02:53 EST 2014

Dear Student Group Leaders,

Please take note of the following announcements:

(1) Reminder: General Body Meeting Wednesday 6pm (attendance required)
(2) Updates to ASA Operating Guidelines
(3) Changes to LEF-ARCADE Guidelines
(4) Next Cycle Private Bulletin Board Application is Live
(5) Space Moving Process Close to the End
(6) Message from CAC Concerning Lobby 10 Booths
(7) Celebration with Tim the Beaver


(1) Reminder: General Body Meeting Wednesday 6pm (attendance required)

As a reminder, the Fall ASA General Body Meeting (GBM) will be on
Wednesday, November 5, 2014, in 54-100. Check-in will start at 5:30pm; the
meeting will begin promptly at 6pm, so please make sure to arrive well
before 6pm to allow enough time to check in.  Dinner will be served *after*
the meeting.

All student groups must have at least one representative in attendance. If
a student group does not attend and check-in with the ASA Exec Board at the
meeting, they will incur a $50 fine, suspension, or derecognition.  Any
member may check in for a group, but only students listed as president,
treasurer, group admin, or GBM proxy in the group's ASA Database entry may
exercise the group's vote.

If you had designated a GBM proxy for a previous GBM, it *has been
cleared*. If you would like someone other than your president, treasurer,
or group admin to vote at the GBM, you must designate them as a GBM proxy
in the ASA database *by 11:59pm, 11/4/14.*

Note: club sports and FSILGs are excused from this meeting as they may be
represented by their respective governing organizations; however, these
groups are eligible to receive a vote if they send a representative.

The agenda for the GBM is:
1. Updates from the Board
2. Undergraduate Member-at-Large election

If you are interested in running for Undergraduate Member-at-Large or would
like more information, please email <asa-elect at mit.edu>.


(2) Updates to ASA Operating Guidelines

The ASA executive board recently voted to amend its Operating Guidelines <
http://web.mit.edu/asa/rules/pdf/ASA-Operating-Guidelines.pdf> to add a new
section on Associate members.  The only change was to add Article IV,
Section 7, which defines nonvoting “associate members” of the ASA Executive
Board, who may be appointed at any time to support the Board in a specific
area.  We hope that the changes will make it easier to get involved in the
ASA, even when elections are not in the immediate future.


(3) Changes to LEF-ARCADE Guidelines

The LEF-ARCADE Funding Guidelines currently state the following regarding
charity and philanthropy related events: “Direct philanthropy will not be
funded, as in direct channeling of LEF funds into a charity. Events
sponsored by LEF for the purposes of generating donations for charity are
okay, but will be given a lower priority.”

Due to many interpretations of the above, it has been revised to the
following, effective the 2015 Jan-Mar funding cycle:
* Event directly channelling LEF-ARCADE funds into a charity will not be
* Events sponsored by LEF-ARCADE for the purposes of generating donations
for charity are okay, but must also follow general guidelines of LEF-ARCADE
event guidelines.
* Ticket prices should be listed as a source of revenue, and therefore
should be used as part of the budget for event planning as is the case for
all LEF-ARCADE events; ticket revenue cannot simply be used as donations to
the charity, but should be used towards maintaining event costs.
* Donations may be collected at the event for charity and do not need to be
documented for LEF-ARCADE, but all costs related to the event must be
included in the application as well as post event report.
* Given the above, priority as well as allocations of funds of
philanthropic events falls under the discretion of the LEF-ARCADE board,
which will be determined through spread through MIT, attendance from MIT
students, openness, and interest among all of MIT, and not through personal


(4) Next Cycle Private Bulletin Board Application is Live

This application is for the official ASA-allocated spaces along the
Infinite Corridor and in Buildings 6, 16, 32 (Stata Center), and 56. This
is for the two-year allocation cycle of 2015 and 2016. If your groups
receives a space, we expect you to update the space regularly and maintain
your group's materials there. A full list of responsibilities is here <
http://goo.gl/forms/PsTNL9Bxbu>. This application has nothing to do with
your use of the public bulletin boards around campus. If you apply for a
space, you are agreeing to be responsible for your board's upkeep. Full
rules listed here. <

Applications are due at midnight on Wednesday November 19th. Late
applications will automatically be put on a waitlist.


(5) Space Moving Process Close to the End

We apologize that it have been taking us so long to finish the space moving
process. We are glad that most of the groups have completed moving, and the
moving process is close to its end. We are now about to update the space
assignments in ASA database to reflect the most recent assignments,
deleting all the old space assignments.

If you have not completed the moving process, please email asa-exec at mit.edu
or asa-space at mit.edu by *Nov 15, 2014* to state your moving status.
Otherwise, we assume that all the groups who had space in last cycle or
have space in this cycle have completed their moving.

We will update the database before Thanksgiving, and synchronize it with
CAC by the end of this year. After that point, all the groups will no
longer have access to their old assigned spaces.

This is the final notice before we close the moving process.


(6) Message from CAC Concerning Lobby 10 Booths

As you may have seen, eight new booths now grace Memorial Lobby.  Designed
and built in the Hobby Shop, each booth has a unique number.  Unlike in the
past, where we just put a list of groups for the Lobby on each table, now
each group will have a specific booth.  The Food Booth is number 4 and
labelled with a fork and knife symbol.  Be sure to sit at the right booth.
In addition, the booths have been pushed slightly back, so groups may be in
front of their booths talking to passers-by; however, no one should be in
the main flow of the Infinite Corridor.


(7) Celebration with Tim the Beaver

As our mascot nears the end of its 100th Year Celebration, CAC invites you
to take a break and join them for a study break on Wednesday, November 5
from 4:30 - 6:00 pm in the Stratton Student Center Lobby.  Come have your
photo taken with TIM, create a keepsake with your photo, and enjoy some
munchies and music.


Please feel free to email <asa-exec at mit.edu> with any requests, questions,
or other inquiries.

The ASA Executive Board
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