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Dear Student Group Leaders,

Please take note of the following announcements:

(1) Fall Activities Midway Application Available
(2) First Year Summer Mailing Reminder
(3) Private Bulletin Board Space Update
(4) Space Moving Updates
(5) Announcement from SAO: Online Event Registration
(6) Message from Career Services
(7) New Permitting for Barbecue Pits


(1) Fall Activities Midway Application Available (due 8/19/2014)

The ASA is now accepting applications for Orientation Midway space and
performance times. The Midway is on Friday, August 29th from 3pm to 5pm.

Because space is limited, by signing up for a booth, you are committing to
have it staffed the entire time. Please note the following:
* In order to keep walkways clear, groups are required to stay within arms’
reach of their table and may be fined $50 for non-compliance.
* If your booth is not staffed *at any point* during that 2 hour period,
your group may be fined $25.
* Groups may arrive starting at 2:15 and are required to be checked in by
*2:40pm*; groups that are late may be fined $25.  Groups that do not check
in may forfeit their table if there is a waiting list.
* If you cancel less than 24 hours before the Midway, your group may be
fined $50.  If you do not cancel by the beginning of check-in, your group
may be fined $75.

Applications for Midway space and performance times are due by August 19,
2014 at 5PM EDT. We will release the allocations of space and performance
times by August 25, 2014. We cannot guarantee all groups space, although we
will do our best to accommodate as many groups as possible.

The Midway application can be found at <http://bit.ly/UCExOQ>.

Please contact <asa-midway at mit.edu> if you have any questions.


(2) First Year Summer Mailing Reminder

The First Year Summer Mailing is a great opportunity to reach out to the
incoming freshmen and first-year grad students! Fill out your group’s entry
at <https://asa.mit.edu/fysm/submit/select/>. Incoming students will be
sent a link to all of the submitted entries before they arrive on campus to
virtually explore the student groups on campus.

You should submit your group’s entry as soon as possible. While late
entries will continue to be accepted, students will begin receiving the
mailing in the next week. If you have questions or concerns about the First
Year Summer Mailing, please email <asa-fysm at mit.edu>.


(3) Private Bulletin Board Space Updates

Some of the allocated private student group bulletin boards are in need of
updating in order to comply with ASA policies. Many groups have either
never used their board space, or their space is covered with flyers. As a
reminder, it is the job of each group to upkeep their own board. Full
policies are here <
http://web.mit.edu/asa/resources/bulletin-board-alloc.html>. Current board
allocations are listed here as well.

Within the next week, the new postering/boards chair (Maria Cassidy) will
notify all groups who have noticeable problems with their boards that they
have a set amount of time to perform housekeeping on their board space
before forfeiting their board until the next cycle. The next round of board
allocations will happen late this fall. The next allocations will be for
two calendar years.

ASA has extra boards in this current cycle! If your group would like one
for this semester, and agree to abide by ASA’s board policies, you are
welcome to apply using this form <
Boards will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, but with no
guarantee of any remaining boards being allocated after Saturday, August

You are encouraged to email asa-postering at mit.edu with any questions about
bulletin boards or postering.


(4) Space Moving Updates

The first wave of space movings have been successfully conducted, and most
groups that have been waiting for cleared space can now prepare their

For groups who are moving into W20 rooms that have card access, you should
have already been granted access to your new room. If you find your card
does not open the lock, please do not hesitate to email asa-space at mit.edu.

For groups who move into lockers in W20-437 and 441, your locker
assignments have been added to the ASA database. Please update your “shared
storage access” list in the DB (asa.mit.edu), and the people on the list
should have card access to the rooms in a couple of days. Some lockers,
mainly in W20-437, have built-in locks. For these lockers, please email
asa-space at mit.edu to check the keys.

For groups who move into rooms that only have key access, please follow the
instructions on this webpage to obtain the keys:

Other space access instructions can also be found on the webpage:

Should you have any questions about space, please email asa-space at mit.edu.


(5) Announcement from SAO: Online Event Registration

SAO is pleased to announce that the new Digital Events application in the
Atlas portal at <https://atlas.mit.edu> has gone live!  This application
will entirely replace the three-part, carbonized forms used to register
events required by MIT Policies and Procedures.  This new application will
not only provide student event planners with an electronic mechanism for
event registration but also a search capability for hundreds of campus
rooms and links to resources and services.  Note that not all MIT spaces
are accessible within this new inventory and that the scheduling of campus
venues should still be done directly with the department who manages the
requested space.

Please note that there is an event planning training module on the site, as
well. It is strongly recommended that all student planners review this
video before scheduling an event.The site has specific contact information
if you should run into any issues, or you can bring your computer to SAO
and staff there can answer any questions along the way.


(6) Message from Career Services

Dear MIT ASA Groups,

You are receiving this email as official notification of career events
during MIT’s Career Fair Week and any career events/fairs during the fall
semester.  If you plan any events involving employers or companies during
the week of September 14 through September 20, you are required to work
with the Fall Career Fair Committee.  Please reach out to them via <
cf-logistics at mit.edu> to organize events at least 2 weeks in advance.
 There are no exceptions to this rule as there are multiple employer events
occurring during this time and we are trying to organize employer events
effectively at MIT.

Secondly, there can be no career fairs or events that resemble career fairs
in the fall semester.  The attached document outlines the fall career fair
agreement that was signed by the MIT Deans.  Career fairs and career events
can occur in the Spring semester but must go through an approval process.
 Please read more about the approval process at <

If you have any questions, please send me an email at <liverman at mit.edu> so
that your concern can be addressed.

Deborah Liverman
Director, Career Services
MIT Global Education and Career Development


(7) New Rules for Barbecue Pits

The Cambridge Fire Department is requiring a new permit for outdoor cooking
in addition to existing permits.  The MIT Environmental Health and Safety
Office is still working with the Fire Department on the new rules.  In the
meantime, groups planning barbecue events with catered food, where food
will be sold, or to which the public is invited should contact Katie Blass <
kblass at mit.edu> to find out what permits they will need.
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