[ASA-Official] LEF/ARCADE Deadline (11/24/13); Winter Group Recognition Cycle Deadline (11/15/13); REMINDER: Space Allocation Application Deadline (11/11/13); REMINDER: Space Allocation Timeline

Cory Hernandez cdh2014 at MIT.EDU
Wed Nov 6 09:51:46 EST 2013

Dear Student Group Leaders,

Please take note of the following announcements:

1. LEF/ARCADE Jan-Mar Deadline (11/24/13)
2. Winter Group Recognition Cycle Deadline (11/15/13)
3. REMINDER: Space Allocation Application Deadline (11/11/13)
4. REMINDER: Space Allocation Timeline


1. LEF/ARCADE Jan-Mar Deadline November 24, 2013

The deadline to submit applications to the Large Event Fund (LEF) and
the Assisting Recurring Cultural And Diversity Events (ARCADE) fund is
November 24, 2013 at 11:59PM EDT. This deadline is for events
occurring between January 1, 2014 and March 31, 2014. The application
and more information about the funds are available online:

You are encouraged to meet with someone from the Student Activities
Office to discuss your application, particularly if it is for a new
event or you are making substantial changes to your event.  You MUST
meet with the Student Activities Office to discuss an event if it will
involve paying a speaker or performer.  You can contact Alana Hamlett,
<ahamlett at mit.edu>, or Joel Pettigrew, <joelp at mit.edu>, about
scheduling an appointment.

You are also strongly encouraged to meet with the LEF/ARCADE board
members before submitting your application by scheduling an
appointment with us (contact the ASA Treasurer,
<asa-treasurer at mit.edu>) or by visiting our office hours.  Please
check our online calendar,
<http://web.mit.edu/asa/about/office-hours.html>, for LEF/ARCADE
office hours, as well as general ASA office hours.


2. Group Recognition Winter Cycle Deadline (11/15/2013)

The next group recognition cycle is November 15, 2013 at 11:59PM EDT.
Those who are interested in applying for a new student group should
apply at http://web.mit.edu/asa/start/index.html.

If you have any questions, please contact <asa-groups at mit.edu>.


3. Space Allocation Application is Now Available (due 11/11/13)

The application for storage and office space for the 2014-2015
allocation cycle is available here:
<https://asa.scripts.mit.edu/applications/space/space.php>. Please
remember that only MIT-Funded student groups are eligible to be
allocated ASA space.

All groups -- *including those groups which currently have space* --
which desire space (meeting or storage) from the ASA must submit an
application. This application is intended to allow the ASA to
determine your group’s space needs, so please fill it out carefully
and thoroughly. If you have any questions about this process or the
application, please e-mail <asa-space at mit.edu>.


4. Space Allocation Timeline

The schedule for the next round of space allocations is as follows:

Nov. 11: deadline for submission of applications for space

Dec. 2: category allocations released

Dec. 9: deadline to appeal categorization

Dec. 16: appeals have been heard

Dec. 23: full allocations released

New assignments will take effect during IAP. Details regarding the
application and our priorities in assigning space can be found in
Article VII of our Operating Guidelines,
<web.mit.edu/asa/rules/pdf/ASA-Operating-Guidelines.pdf>. Feel free to
email <asa-space at mit.edu> for more information, or with questions or


Please feel free to email <asa-exec at mit.edu> with any requests,
questions, or other inquiries.


The ASA Executive Board


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