[ASA-Official] Subject: Fall General Body Meeting 10/23/12 6pm; CAC update; message from UAAP

Rachel Keeler rhkeeler at MIT.EDU
Thu Oct 11 17:44:55 EDT 2012

Dear Student Group Leaders,

Please take note of the following announcements:

1. Fall General Body Meeting -- Tuesday, October 23, 6pm
2. ASA Executive Board elections information
3. CAC Update -- card access to W20 perimeter doors at night
4. Message from UAAP about running IAP activities
5. Constitutions required
6. Recruitment moratorium feedback


1. Fall General Body Meeting -- Tuesday, October 23, 6pm

The Fall ASA General Body Meeting (GBM) will be on Tuesday, October 23
in 54-100. Check-in and dinner will start at 6pm; the meeting will
begin promptly at 6:30pm, so please make sure to arrive well before
6:30 to allow enough time to check in and get food.

All student groups must have at least one representative in
attendance. If a student group does not attend and check-in with the
ASA Exec Board at the meeting, that group will incur a $50 fine, and
may be suspended if this is the second consecutive GBM missed by the
group or de-recognized if more than two consecutive GBMs have been
missed in the past.

Any member may check in for a group, and a member may check in for
more than one group. However, only students listed as president,
treasurer, or GBM proxy in the group's ASA Database entry may exercise
the group's vote.  Furthermore, no student may exercise the vote of
more than one group, and each group has only one vote even if they
send multiple representatives.

Note: club sports and FSILGs are excused from this meeting as they may
be represented by their respective governing organizations; however,
these groups are eligible to receive a vote if they send a


2. ASA Executive Board elections information

At the general body meeting, we will be having elections for one
graduate member-at-large and for one student member-at-large. The
graduate member-at-large must be a current MIT graduate student. The
student member-at-large must be a current MIT student, undergraduate
or graduate. For more information on responsibilities, see:
http://mit.edu/asa/about/elections.html or talk to us at our office
hours http://web.mit.edu/asa/about/office-hours.html or by email to
asa-exec at mit.edu.

Candidates may submit their names or nominations may be made by email
to asa-elect at mit.edu before the General Body Meeting. Additionally,
candidates may announce their candidacy at the meeting or may be
nominated at that time. Candidates who want to may submit an
information/platform slide to be shown at the meeting. These should be
sent to asa-elect at mit.edu before 12pm on the day of the meeting. At
the meeting, candidates will have two minutes to speak and there will
be a brief question-and-answer period.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail
asa-elect at mit.edu or asa-exec at mit.edu, or come talk to current Board
members during office hours


3. CAC Update -- card access to W20 perimeter doors at night

In the interests of increasing security in the Student Center, the
Campus Activities Complex has installed card readers at the first
floor entrance closest to 77 Massachusetts Ave (by LaVerde's) and at
the back entrance (near the bank). Beginning in the middle of October
all outside entrances to the Student Center, including the
second-floor entrances, will require a valid MIT ID to enter from
1-6am every night. Any MIT ID, including affiliates and alumni, should
have access.


4. Message from UAAP about running IAP activities

In preparation for IAP 2013 (Jan. 7 - Feb. 1), the IAP Office is
reviewing activity posting authorizations for sponsoring student
groups.  Please view the following site:

Please select the Student Group listing.  If you are planning on
offering a non-credit activity during IAP you need to have a member of
your organization on the list in order to submit your event

Please let them know by Friday, October 12 if the names need to be
updated and who will be representing your organization. Please email
iap-www at mit.edu

For more information regarding planning and submitting an event for
iap, please visit the main site located at: http://web.mit.edu/iap.


5. Constitutions required

All groups have long been required to have a constitution, but the ASA
has only recently begun checking that constitution URLs actually point
at an extant constitution. We realize that in many cases groups may no
longer have a copy of their constitution, and may therefore need to
write a new constitution. All groups should ensure that the ASA
Database (https://asa.mit.edu/) contains a current, accurate
constitution URL by early IAP. If necessary, groups should write,
discuss, and approve a new constitution by then (see
http://web.mit.edu/asa/start/constitution-req.html for requirements).
If for some reason that is not feasible, please let us know --- we'd
rather have a constitution that works well for your group, than a bad
one hastily approved.

Additionally, we think group members should be able to easily find and
view their group's constitution. At the moment, constitution URLs are
considered "private" in the database and available only to the listed
President, Treasurer, or Group Admin. We're currently planning on
making constitution URLs visible to the MIT community, so that group
members can easily find their constitution. If you or your group has
concerns about this change, please let us know (asa-exec at mit.edu).


6. Recruitment moratorium feedback

As with previous years, the ASA this year had recruitment rules that,
in short, forbade ASA-recognized groups from recruiting during the
three weeks leading up to the ASA Midway. (The full recruitment rules,
along with some potential updates for next year, are at
http://web.mit.edu/asa/rules/recruitment-rules.html.) As with the last
several years, this year we revised the rules to try to make them
clearer and easier to both understand and enforce. We would like to
get feedback from groups about these rules while moratorium is still
(relatively) fresh in your minds. Please fill out the survey at
or email us your views.


Please feel free to email asa-exec at mit.edu with any requests,
questions, or other inquiries.

The ASA Executive Board

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