[ASA-Official] ASA Recruitment Rules now in effect, Midway requests, SAO transitions

Rachel Meyer remeyer at MIT.EDU
Fri Aug 12 21:00:56 EDT 2011

Dear Student Group Officers,

Please take note of the following announcements:

1.  ASA Recruitment Rules updated, Moratorium Periods now in effect
2.  Orientation Activities Midway - submit requests ASAP
3.  Transitions in SAO - from Kerri Mills, Assistant Director of Finance
4.  CAC Summer Newsletter
5.  SLOPE Events Changed
6.  New student group office lock policy


1.  ASA Recruitment Rules updated, Moratorium Periods now in effect

The ASA Recruitment Rules Advertising and Events Moratorium Periods have 
begun and are in effect until the Activities Midway on Friday, September 
2nd.  Please read and follow these rules carefully: 

Clarifications and some FAQs are posted at: 

If you have any questions or want clarification on any specific points or 
situations contact us at asa-exec at mit.edu.

Summary of important points (you are also responsible for reading and 
understanding the rules in their entirety):
A.  Incoming students may only be contacted if they have previously 
provided their contact information to the group or if the incoming 
student initiates contact
B.  No active collecting or soliciting information from new students 
(such as taking sign-ups at an event)
C.  Disallowed advertising methods include:
   - inviting incoming students to join Facebook groups (except those who 
can be contacted under the terms above)
   - mass emails (except those who can be contacted under the terms above)
   - handing out flyers before the ASA Midway
   - advertising in The Tech
   - using extremely limited reserved advertising spaces, including: Lobby 
7 kiosks, Student Center reserved drop poster spaces, Infinite Corridor 
reserved cases
D.  All events with any recruitment component are also disallowed until 
after the Midway
E.  Groups may not hold open events that they would not ordinarily hold 
during the rest of the year.
F.  For postering on public boards: one poster per group per board, no 
larger than 8.5"x11", and not in violation of any other postering rules.
G.  All Publicity Guideline violations (such as postering violations) will 
fined at triple the normal rate and fines may be given instead of warnings 
for first offenses.
H.  Exemptions must be sought at least two weeks in advance or ASAP by 
email to asa-exec at mit.edu


2. Orientation Activities Midway requests - submit requests ASAP

Midway requests were due on Wednesday, however late requests will be 
accepted.  Please try to submit them ASAP, so we can try to ensure we have 
enough tables and so we can consider any location and neighbor preferences 
when assigning spaces.

The Activities Midway is the primary fall recruiting event for ASA groups 
and is a part of both undergraduate and graduate student Orientation.  The 
fair will be held on Friday, September 2nd, from 4-6:30pm.  Groups can 
requests booth space and performance time for this event.

More information and the request form are available at: 


3.  Transitions in SAO - from Kerri Mills, Assistant Director of Finance

I'm writing to let you know of a new opportunity at MIT that I have 
accepted. It was a decision that I made with considerations of not just 
improving my skills, but the prospect of involving more students in this 
new career change. I will be leaving SAO effective August 19th and joining 
the Lemelson-MIT group on Monday, August 22.

I have worked closely with many of you over the years and I'm always so 
happy to hear of the opportunities that await you each year. Each June I 
feel a little bit empty, then I get re-energized each September as a new 
group of treasurers, club presidents, coaches, etc. find their way to my 
office for guidance, a snack or just someone to listen. Now it's my time 
to take on a new challenge and opportunity and I'm very happy that you can 
still all visit me.  Even though I will be changing roles, I am in fact 
not going far. My new office will be located in 10-110.  Please feel free 
to keep in touch and stop by to see me.

As I am transitioning into my new role with Lemelson, there will be some 
changes within the Student Activities Office.  I ask that you please be 
patient as there is new staff on board, and a different structure to help 
cover my absence.  The plan moving forward is to work to fill my position 
with a new person but the group will really need your patience and 
understanding during this time.  Processing of financial transactions and 
responses to e-mails may be slower than normal.

Please see the chart as to who you should contact:
- send all RFP's to Catherine Hursh (cahursh at mit.edu)
- financial questions please e-mail funds at mit.edu
- finboard questions please e-mail finboard-request at mit.edu
- travel please e-mail Leah Flynn (laflynn at mit.edu)
- Student group advising please contact any member of the Student 
Activities Staff

Please join me in welcoming some new staff to our team:
- Katrina Hill, Program Assistant will join us on August 18th
- La-Tarri Canty, Assistant Director of Student Activities and 
Multicultural Programs and joins out staff on August 15th
- Alana Hamlett, Assistant Director of Student Activities joined our staff 
on July 5th

Thank you again for the phenomenal experiences.

Assistant Director of Finance for Student Activities


4. CAC Summer Newsletter

The latest CAC newsletter is available at: 

This issue features:
Coffeehouse Lounge program
MIT 150th Open House
CAC staff changes
Art portfolio expands


5.  SLOPE Events Changed

The SLOPE Tuesday and Friday night events of undergraduate Orientation 
have changed structure from previous years.  The event on Tuesday night 
will no longer be a student group festival; performances have been moved 
to the Friday Night Event.  Performance groups have already been contacted 
about participation in the Friday night event.  Please email 
asa-exec at mit.edu with any questions.


6. New student group office lock policy

The ASA has worked with the CAC to update and improve the office lock 
policy.  The main change makes it possible for a group to obtain "blank" 
cards -- not associated with any individual -- for access to its office. 
This can be used as a more secure alternative to combos, by signing out a 
card for short-term access.  Other changes include clarifying the process 
for requesting updates to office access.

The new lock policy is posted at: 


Please feel free to email asa-exec at mit.edu with any requests, questions, 
or other inquiries.

The ASA Executive Board

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