[ASA-Official] Bulletin board allocations, Orientation announcements, and more

Rachel Meyer remeyer at MIT.EDU
Wed Jul 22 20:20:59 EDT 2009

Dear Student Groups,

Please take note of the following announcements, with details included below:

1. Bulletin board allocations now available - schedule for moving
2. FYSM released - check your entry
3. Midway information
4. SLOPE Tuesday Night Event information
5. Directory of Opportunities for Collaboration


1. Bulletin board allocations now available - schedule for moving

Bulletin board allocations are now available at:
We apologize for the delay in releasing the allocations; we had to develop plans
to work around the construction in the Infinite Corridor.

The above link has the allocations for each group and maps of where the boards
are located.

1. Appeals (see below): due by Friday, 7/31
2. Appeals decisions: any affected groups will be emailed by Monday, 8/3
3. The shared boards will be cleared and labeled for the new allocations on
Thursday morning, 8/6.  If you wish to save any materials from your board
please remove them before then or email asa-exec at mit.edu and we can save them
for you.
4. Groups should have something up in their space by Monday, 8/17.  This does
not need to be your complete display, but if you have nothing posted your space
might be reassigned to prevent allocated board space from being taken over by
public postering.  If you cannot get something posted by that time, please let
us know.

We realize this is a tight schedule, but it is to your benefit to have your
space before Orientation begins.

Appeals process:
If you would like to appeal your allocation, please email asa-exec at mit.edu
(publicly archived) with what specifically you are appealing and why.
If you did not apply for a board and would like to appeal to receive a board,
then complete the original application at:


2. FYSM released - check your entry

The FYSM website is online at https://web.mit.edu/asa/fysm.  You must have
certificates in order to access the site.

Please review your group's entry and submit any corrections to asa-exec at mit.edu
by this Saturday, July 25

All first-year undergraduate students will be mailed a postcard this week
announcing the FYSM website.  Additionally, the website will be publicized to
incoming graduate students through the Orientation issue of The Graduate.


3. Midway information

The ASA Orientation Activities Midway will be on the afternoon of Friday,
September 4 in Johnson Athletics Center.  The request form for tables and
performances will be available by the end of the month.

This is the kick-off event for student groups during Orientation.  Prior to this
event these restrictions are in place:

The Midway is the first recruitment event for student groups.  Earlier events,
including the Tuesday night event, are not recruitment opportunities nor an
events meant to bring attention to specific groups.  Instead, they are
opportunities to celebrate the variety of activities and the collective array
of groups available to students at MIT.


4. SLOPE Tuesday Night Event information

The SLOPE Tuesday Night Event Committee would like to remind you that the
application deadline for participating in this year's Tuesday Night Event is
Friday the 24th of July. Please fill out and submit the application as soon as
possible, do not wait until the last minute! There will be NO extensions. Just
as a reminder, this is not a recruiting event. Remember:

1) You MUST fill out the linked Google Doc to participate:
2) You MUST send in the application by the deadline.
3) We are requesting this year that groups try to stick to the "Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory" theme. This is so the event can reflect the overall
Orientation theme and simultaneously allow room for the groups to be creative
in their participation. Further information is contained in the application
itself. This is in no way mandatory for participation, but will be looked upon
favorably for selection.

Please email albahar at mit.edu with any questions/comments/concerns you may have.


5. Directory of Opportunities for Collaboration

Many student groups provide services or run events which may benefit other
groups. In order to facilitate collaboration among student groups, the ASA
Executive Board has created a directory to advertise these opportunities. If
your group would like to submit a listing, please send the following to
asa-exec at mit.edu:

* Group Name
* Expiration Date (< 6 months after date of submission)
* Title (< 60 characters)
* Description (< 600 characters)

Listings are valid for a period ending no later than six months from the date of
submission, unless granted an exception by the ASA Executive Board.

You can view the directory at


We hope you are enjoying your summer.  As always, please feel free to email
asa-exec at mit.edu with any requests, questions, or other inquiries.

 The ASA Executive Board


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