[ASA-Official] 2009 ASA Office/Storage Allocations

ASA Executive Board asa-exec at MIT.EDU
Sun Dec 27 16:54:51 EST 2009

Dear Student Group Officers,

The ASA Executive Board has concluded its biannual reallocation of
office space in W20 and Walker Memorial.  Allocations, including lists
of assignments and maps, are available at


These allocations will take effect for the next two years, until the
space is reallocated in Fall 2011.

For groups that need to move, moving day will occur on Saturday,
January 9, 2010.  Groups are responsible for moving their supplies and
equipment, although ASA will provide logistical support and will have
a van available for groups that need to move from W20 to Walker
Memorial or vice-versa.  You are encouraged to prepare for the move by
packing belongings and identifying items that should be discarded.
Additional logistical information will be forthcoming.

Due to the schedule of the allocations process and our need to balance
the needs of all student groups, we are not at liberty to entertain
appeals at this point.  However, we would like to remind all groups
that our services are available for arbitration, and that we will
work to resolve (to the best of our ability) any serious concerns
regarding allocations.

Please email us at asa-office at mit.edu if you have questions or comments.
Groups seeking additional advice should also feel free to consult Jed
Wartman (jwartman at mit.edu) in SAO.

Happy Holidays.

Sincerely yours,

The ASA Executive Board

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