[ASA-Official] Final Office Moves + FYSM Extension

ASA President asa-president at MIT.EDU
Fri May 9 13:27:45 EDT 2008

Dear ASA Student Groups,

This email contains two important announcements:

(1) FYSM Application Deadline Extension: Sunday, May 11th
(2) Final Office Moves and Cleanup Deadline: Friday, May 16th

*** FYSM Application Deadline Extension ***

The Deadline to apply to be included in the First Year Summer Mailing
(originally set for today) has been extended to this Sunday, May 11th at 6

The application can be found here:

*** Final Office Moves and Cleanup Deadline: Friday May 16th ***

The last round of office space and storage moves is scheduled to be
completed by Friday, May 16th.  We understand this is a horrible time for
everyone but have taken a few steps to make things easier for everyone.

(1)  Not everyone needs to move.  If your space is cleaned (as described
below) and you are not listed in the moves document below, you do not need
to do anything at this time.

All moves that need to take place are listed here:

The new locker allocations are also copied at the bottom of that document
for reference.  Most groups are already in their designated lockers.  For
reference, the locker map of W20-437 is located here:

(2)  Getting Access to Office/Storage:

If you have not yet requested access to the space you are assigned, please
have your president or treasurer email caclocks at mit.edu to arrange to have a
key issued to you (particularly for Walker offices) or to have your group
given card access to the room (required for storage rooms).

(3)  Storage Cleanup (W20-437 and W20-441):

The storage room, W20-437, has become a fire hazard due to its messiness.
As such, we have been instructed to work with groups to clean up the room.
The new storage policies, as sent out on February 23rd, are copied below.
Some of you have already cleaned up your lockers to comply with these and
for that we thank you.

For those that have not yet cleaned up their storage area, the ASA has hired
a cleaning crew to take away materials that groups no longer want on
Saturday, May 17th.  You will need to have your area cleaned in accordance
with the new storage policies or we may have to throw your items away.  We
do not want to be the ones to decide what should or should not get thrown
away so please clean up your materials.

You may move the items you want thrown away into the hallways starting this
Tuesday or mark them in the storage rooms as "Trash".

(4)  Move/Cleanup Deadline: Friday, May 16th

You may move at any point between now and the evening of Friday, May 16th
since the cleaning crew will be coming on Saturday morning.  This means you
may coordinate a move at a time that best suits your group (and any other
group(s) whose space you may be moving to/from).

***NOTE: Any items left in the hallways the morning of Saturday, May 17th
will be thrown away.  This is true for all floors of both Walker and the
Student Center.***

If you have any questions, particularly if you need assistance with a move,
please contact asa-office at mit.edu.


The ASA Executive Board

** New individual group storage policies **

       Over the years, the first storage room, W20-437, has become a fire
hazard.  The pathways are obstructed, there are inappropriate materials in
some lockers or floors, and it is filled more so than originally intended.
As such, student groups in both storage rooms will be limited in what they
can store to the volume contained by:

 - The group's assigned locker(s) or shelf space
 - The space directly above the group's locker(s) but no higher than a foot
from the ceiling

       CAC personnel will begin making periodic reviews of the rooms and
materials found in any area besides these described above will be thrown

       Any groups wishing to purchase an item that does not fit in their
locker/shelf space or the space above must make arrangements with the ASA
and CAC *before* purchasing the item.  Failure to do so may result in being
forced to return the item.  Since some groups are in violation of this
policy currently, the ASA and CAC will work with these groups to determine
an appropriate modified allocation.

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