[ASA-Official] 2007 Initial Office/Storage Space Allocations

ASA President asa-president at MIT.EDU
Wed Nov 28 23:55:25 EST 2007

Dear ASA Student Group Leaders,

The ASA has completed its initial allocations of office and storage space.
We believe we have allocated the space in a way that is most fair to the
needs, and hopefully some of the wants, of the MIT student group community.
However, we know that there is always room for improvement.  As such, we
have marked several rooms which we feel may be able to be allocated in more
creative ways to better serve the student group community.  We invite all
interested student groups to take part in a discussion of the use of these,
and possibly other, spaces this IAP and spring.  For the time being, these
spaces will be allocated as stated in this initial allocation and are open
to appeal.  The ASA will organize this discussion in the future.

The initial allocations can be found here:

The deadline to appeal this initial allocation is Friday, December 7th at
5:00 PM.  Unlike with the applications, we will not be able to accept late

A complete appeal should be sent to asa-office at mit.edu and contain all of
the following:

(1) Group Name and Email
(2) Changes you are requesting
(3) Justification for your request

We will then schedule a meeting with your group.  This will be done on a
rolling basis so the sooner you send in your appeal, the sooner we will meet
with you.  


The ASA Executive Board

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